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·      Conference Opening and Welcoming Remarks: Representatives of Peru, IMO, WMU, international and regional organizations will give their welcome addresses and highlight the realities and needs for the development of the maritime and port sectors to overcome the challenges ahead and to achieve the SDGs

·      Panel 1: The Maritime Sector: Strengthening adoption and implementation of the four pillars of the maritime regulatory framework; IMO Member States Audit Scheme; the development of national maritime policies; planning and implementation the SDGs

Lunch break

·      Panel 2: Shipping and the Port Sector: Ports, shipping and marine environmental management; improving cooperation between ports and ships, facilitation of maritime transport; ensuring well-trained human resources for the shipping and port sectors

·      Panel 3: Post-Graduate Maritime and Oceans Education: Major providers of maritime training and education, postgraduate maritime and oceans education for seafarers and non-seagoing maritime professionals, doctorate degrees, oceans and coastal related institutions, distance learning education, training & innovation



·      Setting the Context: The World Maritime University, a centre of excellence for postgraduate maritime and oceans education, training and research

·      Panel 4: Partnership for Development: Strengthening technical cooperation (country maritime profiles), delivering IMO-WMU capacity building activities in the region, developing collaborations with UN bodies and regional organizations, partnership for planning and implementing the SDGs

Lunch break

·      Panel 5: WMU's Leaders:  WMU alumni achievements, alumni networks, education and training to keep-up-to-date, discussion on cooperative initiatives, photo gathering

·      Panel 6: Roundtable Discussion: Building alliances for sustainable developmentrelating to maritime, port and ocean industries, maritime academies and universities, private sector, bank institutions and fellowship providers

Closing remarks